Vault Report: Exablaze ExaSock UDP over ExaNIC X4 Adapters under STAC-N1

Unaudited STAC-N1 baseline results of Exablaze X4 ExaNIC and ExaSock UDP

STAC-N1 with Metamako MetaConnect 16

Mean per-hop latency was undetectable at 100K msg/sec and only 4 nanoseconds at 600K msg/sec

Spring 2014 STAC Summits

Join technical discussions in NY, Chicago, and London on computational finance, big data, and low-latency trading.

Vault Report: Virident FlashMAX II with STAC-M3 & kdb+

Unaudited baseline results of Virident PCIe-based SSD with Kx Systems kdb+ 3.1

STAC Reports: Intel Ivy Bridge-EX with STAC-M3 and kdb+

New systems show generational improvement and the benefit of Big Memory

STAC-T1.EMINI approved

Test harness software is available to qualified Council members.

STAC Report: STAC-A2 on NVIDIA & IBM iDataPlex

Over 9x the average speed of a system with the same class of CPUs but no GPUs in the end-to-end Greeks benchmark.

More STAC-N1 results in STAC Vault: MRG, Chelsio, Supermicro o/c IvyBridge

First STAC-N1 results using Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime.

STAC Report: kdb+ 3.1 with IBM FlashSystem 810 on IBM System x3750 M4

Performed better in 13 of the 17 response-time benchmarks than the next best system with flash storage, four Sandy Bridge CPUs, and kdb+ 3.1.

STAC Report: kdb+ 3.1 with Scalable Informatics Ceph Storage Cloud

First public STAC-M3 results on a distributed file system.

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