First STAC-M1 Report

In July 2008, STAC tested a product called InRush(TM) from Redline Trading Solutions, using the v0.95 draft of the STAC-M1.OPRA Benchmark specifications. In September 2008, these specifications were ratified and became v1.0.

Registered subscribers may download either version of this STAC Report*:

- STAC Report Summary. This contains a high-level overview of the benchmark specs, the stack that was tested, and the benchmark results (the "STAC Report Card").

- Complete STAC Report. In addition to including the information above, this report shows the detail behind the benchmark results through additional tables, histograms, time plots and other graphical aids. It also shows what was happening to other metrics that are not designated as STAC Benchmarks, such as higher latency percentiles, latency of the system when operating at its maximum throughput, etc.

NOTE: Normally, when STAC publishes results from projects based on specifications developed by the STAC Benchmark Council, only Council members will receive the full STAC Reports. However, the full STAC Report on the Redline solution is currently available to all STAC subscribers.

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