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STAC Report: STAC-M1 NovaSparks Gen2 Appl/NASDAQ ITCH 2.3/NovaSparks API 2.1/IBM/Netlist (SUT: NOVA130417)

Type: Audited

Specs: STAC-M1.v2.Beta1.TVITCH41-10G-Agg

Stack under test:

- NovaSparks Gen2 FPGA Appliance with NASDAQ ITCH Book Building Gateware 2.3
- NovaSparks Messaging API 2.1
- RHEL 6.3, 64-bit
- IBM x3650 M4 Server
- Netlist HyperCloud HCDIMMs
- 2 x 8-core Intel Xeon 2690 2.90 GHz ("Sandy Bridge") processors

Tested by: STAC

STAC-M1 Overview

The latest STAC-M1 revision is version 2 (in beta), which supports multiple datafeed addenda, each of which specifies the functionality, matching logic, and other requirements specific to testing a given feed. So far, an addendum for 1 Gbps TVITCH has been developed, and another involving order-book aggregation of a 10Gbps TVITCH feed is currently in development. Click here for an overview of STAC-M1 v2 in the context of the 1 Gbps TVITCH feed.

STAC Report: Redline InRush 1.0.2, using STAC-M1.OPRA v0.95

Mean latency of 27 micros at 2x playback rate with 5 partially overlapping clients. System withstood the max rate possible with this harness: 2.8million msgs/sec (post line-arb).

Redline InRush 1.0.2 (SUT: RLT080716) - SUMMARY STAC REPORT

STAC Report Summary (no detailed analysis) for:

Redline Trading Solutions InRush 1.0.2 embedded ticker plant running with a Mercury Cell Accelerator Board 2 on HP DL380 G5 with 1 x quad core Intel Xeon E5420 and Fedora 8.

Tested against STAC-M1.OPRA v0.95.

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