Spring STAC Summits - 2019

Thanks to all of you who made the Spring 2019 STAC Summits a huge success. These events brought together industry leaders from top financial and technology firms to discuss ways to meet important engineering challenges in finance using innovative technologies.

Topics included: the role of engineering and engineers in AI; how to make development and productionization of ML and DL more scalable and agile; how to calculate TCO for complex, high-performance systems; feeding data to compute faster within servers, within data centers, and across wide areas; how to program for persistent memory; how a leading exchange uses ultra-accurate time sync to understand market dynamics at the micro level; the state of the art in time sync and capture; new thinking on how to make public cloud viable for trading venues; and tips on using public cloud for FPGA verification. In addition, several vendors presented the latest high tech to deal with AI, big data, big compute, low-latency, time sync, and monitoring challenges.

To see the agendas and slides from the events, click on the appropriate link below:

(Slides are for members only. Videos of New York are now available at the link above.)

Plans are now underway for the Fall 2019 STAC Summits. Dates will be announced shortly. If you'd like to attend, speak, sponsor, or exhibit, please contact us.