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STAC® improves technology discovery and assessment in the finance industry through dialog and research guided by
the STAC Benchmark Council™, a group of leading financial firms and technology vendors.

Latest News

Solution sets single-server records in cold and warm runs of the large Greeks benchmark

Appsbroker delivers first public cloud solution with publicly released STAC-A2 results.

Ice Lake solution computed Greeks at 1.5x to 2.1x the speed of Cascade Lake

First ever STAC-A2 audit results from FPGA accelerator boards

First STAC-M3 results from new generations of CPU and Optane Persistent Memory

Featured Events

Global STAC Live, Spring 2021

Following our highly attended online events in 2020, STAC is going global, online, and live again this May 18 & 19.

Join us for live panels, briefings, demos, and exhibits that address the most important technical challenges in analytics technology, low-latency infrastructure, and command & control. Interact directly with speakers, exhibitors, and your peers – all without leaving your home or office.

Topics at STAC events generally map to three areas:

  1. Analytics technology. Architectures for big data and big compute workloads such as AI (ML & DL) model training, strategy research & backtesting, tick analytics, alt data processing, market and credit risk, portfolio optimization, surveillance, and compliance.
  2. Low-latency infrastructure. Architectures for

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Recent Blogs

The financial technology community has one responsibility in the COVID-19 crisis that only it can fulfill.

What will happen if all the major banks burst out to a handful of public clouds at the same time to meet the enormous computing requirements of new regulations? Your kids may not be pleased....

The STAC-TS Working Group has poured a lot of effort into developing standards and software for demonstrating timestamp accuracy to the satisfaction of European regulators concerned with RTS 25 of MiFID 2. Much of that effort has concerned software-application timestamps. App timestamping is central to many firm's plans but is one of the most misunderstood issues with RTS 25.

Hot Topics

Artificial Intelligence

Using neural and non-neural techniques to automate prediction and correlation

Public and private cloud

Research and dialog into cloud services and cloud frameworks

Quant finance (big data/big compute)

Making both compute- and data-intensive analytics faster and more cost effective

Ultra-fast networking

Smaller and smaller latencies tend to matter more and more

Time Sync & Event Capture

Complying--and proving you comply--with new regulations in the EU and US.

Storage & memory revolution

A "Cambrian explosion" of new architectures...