SR Labs MIPS 3.7.0, Xeon X5698, IBM x3650M3, Myricom 10G with DBL

Specs: STAC-M1 v2.0

Stack under test:

  • SR Labs MIPS 3.7
  • CentOS v5.5 6-bit
  • IBM x3650M3 Server
  • 2 x quad-core Intel Xeon X5698 4.40 GHz processors
  • Myricom 10G-PCIE2-8B2-2S with DBL 1.0.3

Tested by: STAC

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STAC-M1 is for benchmarking low-latency direct-feed or "ticker plant" solutions. Such a solution takes inbound exchange data, normalizes it, and distributes it to applications. STAC-M1 is modeled on automated trading use cases in which a small number of applications each consumes a relatively large amount of data.