STAC-A2 Test Harness Package 20161026 (Rev U specs)

This package is used in STAC-A2 benchmark audits using Rev U of the specification (Oct 2016 and onward). See the README for details.

Choose a package to install on Linux or Windows. Each package contains everything to run STAC-A2 Benchmarks EXCEPT a STAC Pack (an implementation for a given architecture).

- The STAC-A2 Benchmark Specifications Workbook (Excel)
- "End-User Driven Technology Benchmarks Based on Market-Risk Workloads" - dated, but still a decent orientation (PDF doc)
- STAC-A2 Implementation Requirements (Word doc)
- Heston model specification - referenced by the Workbook (Word doc)
- STAC-A2 Test Execution Procedures (Word doc)
- Test Harness automation scripts (bash and python scripts for Linux or Windows/cygwin)
- Input Data Generation scripts (bash and bat scripts)
- Quality Analysis tool (binary and source)
- Analysis and chart workbooks (Excel)
- Report and Configuration Disclosure templates (Word docs)

Please open the STAC-A2 Benchmark Specifications Workbook first and start by reading the "Guide" section.

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