STAC-E Central

The STAC-E suites define benchmark specifications based on trade-execution workloads. This spans a range of functions performed on trade messages inbound via APIs and/or wire protocols, including:

  • validation
  • pre-trade risk and compliance checks
  • order-state management
  • matching
  • smart order routing

STAC-E also covers internal messaging via persistent methods (resilience to internal failures).

Top-of-stack products potentially covered by STAC-E include:

  • Market- or client-facing execution gateways
  • Messaging middleware (software and appliances)
  • Order management systems
  • Smart order routers
  • Matching engines

Tests measure latency, throughput, and resource efficiency while varying the input and output requirements and validating the functional requirements.

STAC-E consists of several benchmark suites, none of which has been released yet. Certain STAC-E tools are available upon arrangement. Contact us if you're interested either in the tools or in helping to progress the benchmark specifications.

Learning and running this benchmark suite