tbdCorp speaks on keynote panel at High Performance on Wall Street, 2006

STAC accepts Intel challenge to develop standard benchmarks; Reuters and Wombat agree. At the fourth annual High Performance on Wall Street conference, Peter Lankford, President of tbdCorp, shared some of tbdCorp's experiences optimizing the latency and throughput of market data solutions. Lankford joined five other industry veterans on the opening panel entitled "Optimizing the Performance-Latency Equation, Navigating the Technology Combinations".  He commented that every layer in the technology stack–the application, OS, network, and how a system vendor integrates these components–can have a radical impact on performance, in sometimes surprising ways. He gave a preview of some data from tbdCorp's testing of HP ProLiant servers with the newest Intel dual core processors, with Novell's real-time variant of SUSE Linux, and with Voltaire Infiniband. Also on the panel were executives from Reuters and Wombat, both of whom who voiced their desire for standard benchmarks that would allow apples-to-apples comparisons of market data technology. Lankford agreed that standard benchmarks could be very helpful to customers, who often appreciate an independent reference with which to compare their own test results. In front of the packed auditorium, Lankford offered to work with the two vendors to develop such standards, and they accepted.

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