Vendor will contribute to benchmark specs for market data and analytic workloads ENCIRQ JOINS STAC BENCHMARK COUNCIL CHICAGO – 5 June 2008 — The Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC® – www.STACresearch.com) today announced that Encirq® Corporation has joined the STAC Benchmark Council to help define industry-standard performance metrics for trading technologies. As part of the Council, Encirq will contribute to the development of benchmark specifications for market data and analytic workloads. In addition to technology vendors like Encirq, the Council includes global trading firms such as Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, and HSBC. Peter Lankford, founder and director of STAC, said, "We are excited that Encirq is contributing to STAC Benchmark standards that will enable securities firms to both expand and accelerate their evaluation of new technologies. Today’s volatile markets are increasing the importance of high-performance technology for trading and risk management. Applying the STAC Benchmark standards will enable firms to get keener insight into more technologies at a lower cost.” “Encirq firmly supports the efforts of the STAC Benchmark Council,” stated Deb Goslin, CEO of Encirq. “To date, trading firms have not had a way to compare solutions offered by multiple vendors without going through time-consuming and costly proofs of concept. By joining the STAC Benchmark Council, we look forward to helping customers achieve breakthrough computational performance while reducing the time required to evaluate, build and deploy high throughput, low-latency systems.” Steve Weick, Senior Vice President of Engineering and CTO at Encirq, said, “One of the major changes in the financial services industry today is a shift to new, higher-performance computing platforms that employ powerful multi-core processors. By working with the STAC Benchmark Council, we intend to define benchmarks that can reduce the uncertainty associated with the transition to these new computing platforms. For example, through our strategic relationship with IBM, we are optimizing our Event Stream Processing Framework for the IBM Cell Broadband Engine to deliver a workload acceleration appliance that offers extreme high throughput and ultra low-latency with near unlimited scalability. We look forward to employing the STAC Benchmarks to demonstrate the unprecedented power and performance of our combined solution.”

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