STAC Report: RMDS on Red Hat Enterprise MRG with 10GigE

Real-time version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and 10GigE brings RMDS to below 1 ms of end-to-end latency at up to 700,000 updates per second STAC has just released test results involving real time Linux technology and a market data workload. Red Hat, IBM and Intel asked STAC to measure the performance of the Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) 6.x with the following other stack layers: - Red Hat Enterprise Real Time MRG - IBM BladeCenter with HS21 XM Blades - Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5450 ("Harpertown") CPUs - 10 Gigabit NICs from Chelsio Communications, without client-side acceleration enabled - 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch from Blade Network Technologies First, we performed the standard RMDS latency tests. Second, we examined the maximum P2PS Producer 50/50 throughput in a multiplexed configuration. We also examined the effects of increasing the Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) on total throughput. To summarize, we found: - Lowest mean latency reported to date with RMDS Less than 1ms mean latency at up to 700,000 updates per second - Standard deviation of latency remained below 0.5 ms through 600,000 updates per second - In the "Producer 50/50" fanout test of a multiplexed P2PS, total output was: 7.07M updates per second with jumbo frames (MTU = 9000 bytes) 5.56M updates per second with standard frames (MTU = 1500 bytes) You can access the new report here.

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