STAC Report: kdb+ 3.3 on a Lenovo x3850 with Haswell EX

Solution sets 4 new STAC-M3 records‏

23 June 2015

STAC has just released STAC-M3 results for a system consisting of kdb+ 3.3 on a Lenovo System x3850 X6 server with 9 x 2TB Intel SSD DC P3700 drives. This solution stack represents a generational upgrade to a solution we tested 6 months ago (SUT KDB141211), with newer Intel processors (Haswell EX rather than Ivy Bridge EX) and other hardware and software updates.

This solution stack set records in 4 of 17 benchmarks (aggregated statistics plus month, quarter, and year high bid). And compared to the previous generation solution, it improved 15 of 17 benchmarks, including 2.5x the speed in the volume curves benchmark and 1.7x the speed in the 100-user intervalized statistics benchmark.

Click here for the STAC Report. At this link, qualified members of the STAC Benchmark Council can also access the configuration details for the stack that was tested.

Qualified members may also request to inspect or run the STAC-M3 Pack for kdb+ (the q and k code for the kdb+ implementation).

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