Vault Report: Port sync in Arista DCS-7130-48L switches

Unaudited results of synchronization within and between Arista's latest ULL devices

12 November 2019

Arista recently performed a subset of STAC-TS benchmarks on a stack consisting of two Arista DCS-7130-48L switches running MetaWatch 0.11.0 beta1 firmware on the MOS-0.23.1 operating system. Each device contained Arista SFP-10G-SRSFPs and was synchronized to a common PPS signal using a TimeTech Pulse Distribution Unit . The report is now available in the STAC Vault to eligible subscribers.

STAC-TS is a set of benchmarks and software tools that measure the accuracy and other characteristics of solutions used for time synchronization, timestamping, and event capture. STAC-TS embodies industry best practices formulated by leading vendor firms and the trading community.

In these tests, Arista performed STAC-TS.PSE1 and STAC-TS.PSE2 tests, which measure the error between timestamps on ports within a device and between two devices, respectively. For the sake of expediency, only the first 8 ports on each device were benchmarked.

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