STAC Summit, 1 November 2010, Chicago



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1 November 2010

IBM Innovation Center
71 South Wacker, 6th Floor
Chicago, IL



STAC Benchmark Council meetings bring together the industry leaders who are building and using the latest high-performance solutions for trading. Come to hear leading ideas and exchange views with your peers.

Community-specified performance tests for trading systems


Peter Lankford
Peter Lankford, Founder & Director,
Securities Technology Analysis Center


At this inaugural STAC Performance Summit in Chicago, Peter will provide a brief orientation to the STAC Benchmark specifications and test harnesses in market data and trade execution.

Panel: "Trading technology: Today's challenges and opportunities"
Trading technology veterans from several areas of the ecosystem will offer perspectives on technical challenges and innovations affecting proprietary trading groups and trading venues.


Joe Panfil
Joseph A. Panfil, Managing Director, Operations and Systems Engineering, CME Group


Matthew Giedt
Matthew Giedt, Head of Technology,
Bds Quant

Brennan Carley
Brennan Carley, SVP Product Management and Marketing, Spread Networks


Philip Enness
Philip Enness, Banking and Financial Markets Global Solutions Manager, IBM

Innovation Roundup
This session provides vendors with an opportunity to present new information in a 5-minute, get-to-the-point fashion. Presentations so far include:

- "How optimizing cache usage can lead to dramatic performance gains," by Scott Lasica, VP, Global Alliances, Rogue Wave
- "Network driver tuning for financial services configurations," by Allen Light, Director, Product Management, Broadcom
- "Precise time synchronization (and how to measure it)," by Paul Skoog, Product Marketing Manager, Symmetricom
- Presentation tba, HP
- "Wire speed capture for latency-sensitive environments," by Rick Kane, Regional Sales Manager, VSS Monitoring
- "Leveraging high performance network mirroring for application and transaction analysis," by Nick Ciarleglio, Senior Architect, Arista Networks
- "Building robust low latency infrastructures," by Jacob Rapp, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
- "TIBCO Software: Lighting the way to extreme low latency," by William McLane, Senior Product Architect, Messaging, TIBCO Software Inc.

Panel: "Making standards-based infrastructure sing for HFT"
This panel will get more specific about leading approaches to building the fastest possible infrastructure for trading applications (compute platforms, networks, and messaging) .

Falke Bruinsma
Falke Bruinsma, Chief Architect, WebSphere Front Office and Low Latency Messaging, IBM


David O'Shea
David O'Shea,
Financial Services Group, Intel

Steve Pope
Steve Pope, Co-Founder & CTO,


Jacob Rapp
Jacob Rapp, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

Cocktail reception
Network in a relaxed atmosphere.





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STAC events bring together CTOs and other industry leaders responsible for solution architecture, infrastructure engineering, application development, machine learning/deep learning engineering, data engineering, and operational intelligence to discuss important technical challenges in finance.