Global STAC Live, Fall 2020

STAC Summits

Following our highly attended online event in the spring,
STAC is going worldwide, on-line, and live again this fall.

Join us for live panels, presentations, and exhibits that address the most important technical challenges in analytics technology, low-latency infrastructure, and command & control. Interact directly with speakers, exhibitors, and your peers – all without leaving your home or office.

(These are topics, not necessarily sessions. Details will follow shortly.)
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Day 1: Time Series STAC
2020-10-19 12:30:00

Experts discuss leading ways to ingest, store, retrieve, and analyze live and historical time series data. Topics include:

  • A new database benchmark suite for streaming data
  • What the future holds (or should hold) for time series database stacks
  • Streaming analytics on data from the real economy (IT telemetry, IoT)
  • New results from benchmarks on historical time series data
  • Visualization of streaming data
  • The latest software and hardware innovations for time series stacks

Stay tuned for session announcements.

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Day 2: Real Time STAC
2020-10-20 12:30:00
An FPGA primer for software developers
  • Dr Matthew Grosvenor, Principal Engineer, Cisco

As FPGAs become part of the standard kit for an expanding range of low-latency, high-throughput applications, more and more software developers find themselves wanting (or needing) to develop FPGA logic to stay relevant. But circuit-based hardware is a whole new universe to someone with a career spent in an instruction-based world. Can a software developer understand how to program FPGA? Matthew thinks so. He has spent over a decade working in both worlds and thinks the key to FPGA is understanding some basic concepts. In this talk, Matt will offer software developers a jumping-off point by explaining how FPGAs work, how to make sense of FPGA products, and how FPGA programming languages reflect the underlying hardware concepts.

STAC Fast Data Update
  • Peter Nabicht, Head of Strategy, STAC

Peter announce the industry’s first FPGA Special Interest Group, a group of trading firms that will focus on common challenges in FPGA development, testing, and deployment.

Agile FPGA?
  • Dr David Snowdon, Director of Engineering, Arista

In the 20 years since the Agile Manifesto was signed, the way we’ve developed and deployed software code has improved by leaps and bounds. Features can get out the door quickly while remaining reliable. But what about FPGA code? Even though FPGA is a popular platform choice in finance, deployment and management of FPGA logic is mired in the past. Can we achieve the rapid iteration, fast delivery times, and increased stability of software, while maintaining the benefits of hardware acceleration? Dave thinks we can. In his view, we should start thinking of FPGAs as just another place to deploy software. Using real-world examples, Dave will discuss how we can adapt the FPGA development process to take advantage of modern software engineering techniques and dev ops processes.

Innovation Roundup
  • Lineup to be announced shortly

Leading vendors will present FPGA-related innovations.

Additional topics to be announced

Discussions in real time communication and action.

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Day 3: Big Compute STAC
2020-10-21 12:30:00

Discussions focused on HPC, data science, and associated tooling. Topics include:

  • Realtime ML inference on streaming time series
  • Python development for data science
  • The latest software and hardware for big compute
  • New results from simulation benchmarks

Stay tuned for session announcements.

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