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Over 9x the average speed of a system with the same class of CPUs but no GPUs in the end-to-end Greeks benchmark.

First STAC-N1 results using Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime.

Performed better in 13 of the 17 response-time benchmarks than the next best system with flash storage, four Sandy Bridge CPUs, and kdb+ 3.1.

First public STAC-M3 results on a distributed file system.

BigInsights performed jobs ~4x faster than pure Apache Hadoop and was ~11x faster in pure scheduling speed.

New records set for 10 of the 17 STAC-M3 response-time benchmarks as well as 2 new records in bytes read per second.

2-socket Ivy Bridge was 1.5x faster in the end-to-end Greeks benchmark than previously tested 2-socket Sandy Bridge.


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