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4-socket server sets 5 kdb+ records in scale tests

First public cloud solution with publicly disclosed STAC-M3 results outperformed previously tested Lustre-based on-prem solution

Outperformed previous Broadwell EX bare metal solution in 8 of 15 benchmarks

Unaudited benchmark results for a tiered SSD architecture

A Z-SSD solution beat or equaled a solution based on 3D XPoint drives in 7 of 17 mean response-time benchmarks

Beat each preceding STAC-M3 submission in over 50% of the baseline benchmarks in 1:1 comparisons

Servers with Skylake processors and Optane drives set multiple STAC-M3 records

Unaudited benchmark results for a combined compute/storage architecture

Skylake-based servers set multiple records in STAC-M3 Shasta benchmarks

Solution breaks more than half the records in both baseline and scale benchmarks