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New systems show generational improvement and the benefit of Big Memory

2-socket Ivy Bridge was 1.5x faster in the end-to-end Greeks benchmark than previously tested 2-socket Sandy Bridge.

September 27 - Results revealed, and Intel presents four steps to improve Monte Carlo performance.

System using kdb+ 3.1 set a record for NBBO performance and was at least 2x faster in 14 of the 17 response-time benchmarks than an identical system using kdb+ 2.8.

First STAC-A2 results on 2-socket and 4-socket Intel Xeon (Sandy Bridge) systems and Intel Xeon Phi system.
Intel DC SSD S3700 exhibits significant speedup in read-intensive benchmarks and data throughput benchmarks compared to previous generation of SSD drives.

At 8x market rate, mean tick-to-trade latency was 5.2 microseconds with a standard deviation of 1.2 microseconds.

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6.1 usec mean latency at market rate, with 1.4 usec jitter

Audited STAC-M3 Benchmark of Kx Systems kdb+ 2.8 with Intel SSD-based storage beats spindle-based benchmarks while using much less space